Studentenblog Malta: 4

Alle studenten van het Friesland College kunnen via het Ondernemerscollege & Talencentrum twee weken lang naar Malta voor een uitwisseling. Als doel wordt gesteld het bewust worden en ontwikkelen van vaardigheden die bij “ondernemend gedrag” horen. Daarnaast vragen we de studenten een blog bij te houden. Lees dus mee! Let wel, alles is in het Engels, want dat is ook een onderdeel van de opdracht @ Malta. Taalvaardigheden ontwikkelen door te doen!


My name is Jacco, 18 years old and live in Holwerd. Currently I’m in the second year of the study ‘Audiovisual Specialist’. I had the opportunity to go to Malta and learn more about entrepreneurship, so here we are.

The first day we went to the center of Valetta, the cultural capital of Europe (with Leeuwarden of course). We’ve seen some very interesting places, buildings and spectacular views. Further this week we start with lectures on the school of Creative Arts. The following week we start with an internship at ‘Maka Visuals’. A company who makes really good commercials for others.

I really look forward to see how they run that business here on Malta!



My name is Mark Benjamins I am 18 years old and I am attending “Audiovisual Specialist” on D’Drive Friesland College. Currently I’m in year 2 of my education and I am really enjoying it. I live in Leeuwarden and together with my classmate Jacco Rienks we received the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship in Malta.


The first 2 days of us being in Malta (we arrived on Saturday) we explored the old centre of Malta called Valetta, also the cultural capital city of Europe 2018. Because of Malta being the Cultural Capital there is a lot to do in Malta and especially in Valetta. The buldings here are truly remarkable  and so are the views.


I look forward to attending classes at MCast.