Social Entrepreneurial Behaviour (levels 3&4)

Being successful is important to you. You want to take the opportunities you get and you want to become the best you can be. You also want to improve your English in an environment which allows you to practice a lot. Well, in that case ‘socially entrepreneurial behaviour’ (S.E.B.) is the elective for you. You will focus on developing skills such as: taking initiative, creativity, and developing a professional and venturous attitude. Next to these entrepreneurial skills we will also work on developing your social and societal attitudes and behaviour.

Why choose this elective?

More and more employers ask for active behaviour from their (new) staff. Active employees help organizations grow and learn. They follow trends and developments in the sector and are asked to think about how to solve problems and go forward.  That is why entrepreneurial skills have become an important criteria for selecting staff. But they also help in showing how successful your career will be. And it’s not just work. By becoming more active you can also grow in your private life. For example: choosing your pastime activities (hobbies), taking initiative in your social circle, looking out for your interests but also keeping others in mind, and so on.

Also, there is a real demand for people who think and act socially. Employees who do so are often more involved with their company and have more responsibilities. Typically they also have a more sustainable view on doing business because they are more involved with their societies and (natural) environment. And again, it’s not just work. Your private life can also improve if you choose to practice your social and entrepreneurial skills. For example, if you want a good social network you must put some time and effort into it. If you would like to do so together with others like you, S.E.B. is a great place to start.

How does it work?

During the elective you will work individually and in groups. By doing roleplays, making assessments, group assignments and by learning a bit of theory you will get to know yourself better. You will learn about your talents, your added value in a team, and about your strengths and weaknesses. You will work on your social and entrepreneurial skills so you can make better use of your talents during study, internships, career, and in your everyday life. Most of the assignments and sessions will be in English (95%), and you are expected to use English as much as you can. You will also receive feedback and coaching on your English goals and progress.

So, do you want to realize your potential at work, school, in your free time, and socially? Join S.E.B. and become who you want to be!

S.E.B. is a joint project by the FC Language Center and the School for Commerce & Services.  More information available @ 


Titel:   Social Entrepreneurial Behaviour (S.E.B.)

Start:   september 2017

Tijd:     dinsdag of donderdagmiddag (13.15 – 17.15)

Plaats: Heerenveen of Leeuwarden

Uren:   240

Gewenst niveau: 3, 4

Toelatingseisen: onze ervaring leert dat studenten die Engels niet voldoende beheersen veel moeite hebben met de taken en lessen. Je moet daarom Engels kunnen verstaan, spreken en schrijven op een goed niveau. Weet je niet zeker of je op het juiste niveau bent? Neem dan contact op met voordat je je inschrijft voor dit keuzedeel. Overleg  daarom ook met je coach over je keuze voor SEB.

Kosten leermiddelen: geen, tenzij de student geen eigen laptop heeft

Materiaal: Bring your own device

Wijze van  examinering: om deel te nemen aan je examen moet je portfolio met een voldoende zijn beoordeeld. Je examen is een proeve van bekwaamheid via een peerassesment. Dat houdt in dat je aan drie studenten een pitch geeft, en vervolgens een aantal vragen antwoordt die je van studenten en docenten krijgt over je pitch

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