Alle studenten van het Friesland College kunnen via het Ondernemerscollege & Talencentrum twee weken lang naar Malta voor een uitwisseling. Niet zomaar een uitwisseling. Als doel wordt gesteld het bewust worden en ontwikkelen van vaardigheden die bij “ondernemend gedrag” horen.

Daar hoort een uitgebreide opdracht bij, maar ook het insturen van blog berichten om zo hun ervaringen met ons te delen. De eerste blogs zijn alweer binnen, and lo and behold! Lees maar mee. Let wel, alles gaat in het Engels. Dat is een onderdeel van hun opdracht @ Malta: taalvaardigheden ontwikkelen door te doen.

Blog 1: Lisa!

My name is Lisa, I’m 22 and I’m studying human technology. The basic of my study is about finding technical solutions for problems in healthcare.

On our first day, we were received by Christian from MCAST, the school where I will be following lectures for 4 days. He took us all on a tour to the capitol, Valetta and showed us all the most beautiful buildings and sights. During the tour I noticed some places to be familiar to me. Christian told us why soon after that. It turns out that many scenes from the HBO series ”game of thrones” were recorded here on Malta. It was awesome to see the places for real.

During the tour There was a funny moment, where I managed to make the guide, Christian a bit uncomfortable. He had bought us all a local dish that looked like a croissant filled with ricotta And was called pastizzi. Right after we finished them, we had to walk up some very steep stairs. And i was a bit out of breath. He then commented that the walk was good for burning off the pastizzi’s. To which i asked him: did you just call me fat?! The whole tour group realized it was a joke, but Christian was very apologetic and told me he did not mean it that way. Then I told him it was just a joke and he was also able to laugh it off with the group after that.

Malta feels like a huge island but it isn’t in fact that large. It seems so big because of the many steep hills we keep climbing and because traffic here is a huge mess. therefor it can take hours to get from one side of the island to the other.

Malta is really a gorgeous island with many monumental and historical buildings. In the next two weeks I expect to see a lot more of the island’s beauties and also learn a lot in school and at the retirement home, where we will be jobshadowing for the last 6 days!

Blog 2: Rixt!

My name is Rixt and i am 19 years old, I live in Hoornsterzwaag, a small village in the Netherlands. I also study Human Technology at Frieslandcollege in Leeuwarden. Its about solving problems in healthcare with technical solutions.

On the first day of the experience in Malta we had an introduction at Mcast. It started with the history about Malta. I thought it was very interesting how much history is attached to such a small country.

After the introduction we went to Valletta the capital of Malta. There we got a tour from Cristian and his colleague. It was very fun to see the city with a tour guide. And I got the impresion that Christian has a lot of knowledge about the city. We ate a lokal dish called pastizzi and it was very nice. Overal the first day was lovely, we saw a lot, the weather was great and we’ve gotten a great impresion of the capital and its history.

So I am thinking this is going to be a great two weeks with a lot of sidght-seeing and learing more at Mcast and the retirement home.


Blog 3: Hélène!

Hi guys,

Today I am going to tell you about my first “real” day on malta, but first i’ll be introducing myself. My name is Hélène and I am 19 years old. I just started living in Leeuwarden which is also the place where I study Human Technology.

So, today we had our first introduction to MCAST, the school where we will be attending lectures about healthcare for the upcoming 3 days. Christan Debono was the one to receive us at MCAST, which he did by telling a bit about the history of Malta. (Side note: if you want to understand the Maltese culture you must know a bit about the rich Maltese history.)
After our history lesson and a small tour of the premises we went on to the next tour in Valletta. Valletta is the beautiful capital of Malta. Christan told us a lot about the city like, “I was a figurant in a number of movies” and “I am one of the organizers for Comic Con”.

As you can probably tell, we had a few laughs, but all jokes aside. I can’t wait to see what we will learn in our upcoming lectures. Not to forget, see more of this beautiful country and learn more about it’s rich history.